Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dreaming spring

The sun is finally out and my little world feels warm and green.  I'm shaping myself from the clay of the earth and the winds of a new season. 

There' no muscle left in my body that doesn't ache and my nails and hair shelter a few nests of  twigs and soil and other treasures from the land. 

Why do I keep conveying unnecessary pains to my body I don't know.  I just keep working the soil, removing debris, raking dead leaves, pulling out weeds, reinvesting and reinventing my little plot of land for the promises it bestows.

Dreams gather here... thus, the old crone of my fairytales has come by again.  I saw her yesterday morning emerged from the wood... stepping over the few stones on the little creek with a bundle of twigs over her back.  Down by the little white cottage I saw her later collecting the large tree branches and twigs that were left behind by the strong winds of winter, and which I knew they needed be removed, but lacked the courage to do it and kept postponing.    

This old crone is strong beyond her years, and I could tell she trusts what she knows in her bones. Fierce about what matters, she carried wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of debris and large branches down the hilly road that leads to the woods.  I saw her hiding everything there... over there in that part of the woods where no one ever dares go, because of the thickness of brambles and flooding every spring.  Hard.  Hard work.

After everything was done and cleaned, the old crone chose her path back to the woods with a cheerful heart. A crackle that drew the attention of neighboring crows was heard and, suddenly she was gone; but not before turning around once more to gaze back at the little white cottage and its surroundings.  She must had been pleased with her work, for as she went away, I thought I saw the slight of a smile on her wrinkled old face.

I've been working in the garden again this morning.  Right now, I'm going inside the house and have a little me tea-time... and let my old bones rest a bit before going out again... so much to do outside!

My dear Fisherman brought home a little gift for me yesterday.... bright yellow daffodils, in the cutest, tiniest flowerpot ever...  love it!

Thank you so much, for coming by...  I hope you had a lovely time, and that for a moment, you really were here.

See you all soon!


  1. How lovely, Spring has arrived in your wonderful corner of Paradise, my dearest Cielo !
    Have a wonderful remainder of your week, sending much love to you

  2. Beautifully told. It's wonderful to be working in the gardens with the fairies. Have a wonderful week. Love the daffodils from your spouse. xoxo Su

  3. I adore that rock and the flowers are so perfect for this time of the year. I am hoping to get out soon and work in our yard.

  4. Hard work in the garden is always rewarded tenfold dear Cielo. A beautiful post, told with imagination as always...love, Mimi xxx


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