Thursday, March 24, 2016

A garden Diary

The winds are carrying on wispy wings, flakes of crystalline water ice.... snow?  All of the 'spring snows' on breezy wings.... blowing everywhere, over the garden and upon my heart—mementos and gifts from Nature that I shall keep there and only bring forth on real future 'snowy' days of winter... for hope and cheerfulness...

You see, it really isn't snow what I see, but only the white petals of the ornamental pear trees swirling and dancing on balmy breezes all over my little world.  I just like to call it 'snow' because, well, that's just how quirky I am, and how I see things...   

Oh, but you must understand...  you see, it isn't just that I am a bit strange... although I'd have to agree on that one... You see, life is full of wonder and my philosophy towards it is just to enjoy it to the fullest an always be appreciative for all is given... as I walk through this woody garden of mine, eyes, ears and heart in tune with whatever evolves there, my soul is humbled; my heart thankful.  

There's a bird atop the budding trees, high up, serenading my morning.  My eyes search the top canopies trying to figure out his nature...  is he or she a mockingbird?  And what an amazing gift was placed on a bird's syrinx!  I stand in the middle of my garden amazed at God's creation.  My tongue sings a new song to the Almighty.

The precious hostas are finally breaking ground—all of them!  Their happy heads, like newborns rupturing forth from the sacredness of their mothers' wombs...  I am dancing with glee at their sight. 

The bale bundles we placed in the pond to control algae are already performing some miracles of their own, and the water resembles those of rivers.  

I truly recommend applying barley straw to your pond to control algae naturally...  It really works and it is super fast.  Only two small bundles will cover a medium size pond like ours.  We get ours HERE.

The carpenter bees have already arrived.  Too early in the year, and more active than ever... I predict a relentless summer.  

The Astilbes I planted only a week or two ago are already on the rise... how fast!  I cannot wait to see those pink panache of plumes undulating on air, like gentle waves on rivers.  

One of the two exact clematis I planted on each side of the arbor last months is already growing, and doing well. I haven't seen the other one, thus far.  And you just have to wonder, and imagine and question yourself about those mysteries in life.... like, why sometimes certain identical twins turn out to be so different from each other, being that they are physical copies of one another.... yet so different in spirit, with such radically inverted moralities? Why would one grow in spirit and the other won't?

The garden is becoming a truly delightful place to be again, and so many things are happening 'round here!  And so much I want to share with you!  But for now, enough of this quirkiness, in case I'd bore you! ;)

Like with those flakes of spring, may you swirl in happiness today, my friend.



  1. Cielo, What a beautiful post! I love how magical everything looks in your garden! The petals from the ornamental pear tree seem to dance on top of the water. Thank you for starting out my day with a smile! Happy Thursday!

  2. It does look magical in your in IL things are just starting to sprout and bud. I will try the straw bale for our pond! I do see buds of hostas coming exciting isn't it!

  3. Beautiful photos and the music is perfect to go along with these photos...very meditative.

  4. Thank you once more for sharing all this cheerfulness and beauty, my sweetest Cielo !

    May your Easter be Happy as ever,
    I wish it to you with all my heart !

    With sincere gratitude



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