Saturday, November 28, 2015


My heart is overflowing with thankfulness and humble gratitude.  Thankful for days of joyful togetherness with dear ones, the young and the old as well.  Thankful for days aglow with golden sunshine and warmth, for lively woods, white cats and a little house where birds abound. 

I've been entertaining and feeding some very dear people; been reminiscing, loving, helping, singing, laughing, immersing myself in simple moments.  But we're living stories too, with love to give and people to walk beside, hence, as our parents age, we have our own measure of teary eyes and hearts of blue to share too. Even so, I can still say that blessings abound.  For even in those shadowy drawers of our humanity where uncertainties and fear inhabit, there are blessings and beauty to be found too. 

Now everyone has left.  The little white cottage has regained normality.  But it feels too quiet, and too lonely for the heart that feels so much.  I want to forget things which cannot be forgotten.  I want to restore my mother's memories put on hold.  Delete this bend in the road.  Rewrite endings.  But I can only be.   I can only love generously, find my inner peace in prayer and leave everything else to God.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  I shall again share with you whatever little light my heart may possess.  But for now, this is all what it can muster.  I hope you can understand.

Thank you for being such a beautiful and important part of my life. 

Much peace and love throughout the season. 


  1. Sometimes the holidays bring those bitter sweet memories... My mama passed it will be two years this March last year for Thanksgiving I invited everyone. This year just me and my children and theirs. This year I missed here more than last life js ruff at moments indeed. I send much love and ask God to send blessings and comfort to us both... With love Janice

  2. I understand more than you know. You are in my prayers. Live each moment and remember...God has everything under control.

  3. i would like to thumb tack this moment and those still around me to the ------ ah, of course, there is nothing to tack them to but the heart... and they are so already there. hugs, dear friend.


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