Thursday, November 12, 2015

Home for the holidays

After days and days of rain and heavy laden skies, the sun has finally come out today in all its splendorous glory.

It was the day I had planned for an in-depth cleaning of the house and paint retouching on walls and trims.  The mission has been accomplished.  I am exhausted, but happy this is done.

All the potted ferns I had in the house had been taken outside for now, as extra space will be much needed around here soon.  We're driving down to Florida tomorrow for a few days stay.  On our way back home we'll be bringing mom and dad with us for our Thanksgiving family reunion.  I'm excited and looking forward to some joyful days ahead.

The gypsy caravan will need to be opened up and refreshed at our return, as the Fisherman and I will be sleeping there.

Hopefully, everyone else can be accommodated inside our tiny adobe.

In anticipation of all the family that will be gathered here during the upcoming holidays and already foreseeing some spills and stains, I have put away all the white linen and white chair covers in the dinning room.  I see a whole lot of cooking and dish washing in my near future too, but this is a family affair and I don't mind the work a bit.  I love my family and feel extra honored that our little cottage is where everyone chooses to be at during the holidays.  I love being the host. 

Outside the little white cottage dead leaves have insulated the grounds in thick layers.  It is a futile thing to use the leaf blower again, as the ground remains damped and trees are still shaking leafy heads. 

Last week I repainted the settee on the front porch again.  This time, in black.  This poor thing has seen more transformation in its life that I can remember.  But for now, it is what it is. 

I also replaced the red covers on the cushions, which I think it clashed with the red on the door.  I like the black so much better.  The cute little red pillow was a thrift store find.  It is in perfect condition and it is also the perfect kind of red.  The mothballs-cat repellent are hiding under the cover.  Shhhh! 

More and more I find myself incorporating black and white into my decor around our little white cottage.  I've been loving this fantastic combo for so long now, that I guess I've finally found my true decorating style... at least for now.  

I love to decorate with branches. I spray-painted some branches I found around the woods behind our gardens and decorated the two large flower pots in our front porch with it for now.  The gap around the width of the flower pots will need to be covered.  I'm envisioning something like this...  but that will have to wait until my return.

(Source: Pinterest)

 Have you decorated your home for the holidays yet?
I'll have to bring my Christmas decorations from the storage sooner than soon.    

I can't wait to see the holly edge around our little white cottage swarmed in fireflies again! ;)

Ain't that beautiful!

Here is our Christmas cottage last year!
Notice the blue settee? ;)

See you soon y'all! 

I'll try to write from FL


  1. Your plans sound wonderful and you sound so excited. I think the idea of you and your fisherman sleeping in the gypsy caravan while the family sleeps tucked away in your home is just.. well.... the most romantic, loving , cute, fun thing I have ever heard. Have a safe trip...keep us posted.

  2. I love your boho/gypsy decor in your caravan and home. I am going to start cleaning today and touching up paint over the next week. Come on over and help out. HA! HA!

  3. Love the settee in black Cielo, I think that is my favorite so far! Have a safe and wonderful trip to Florida. Honk when you go through Sanford! ;)

  4. What fun to look forward to your lovely home filled with family at Thanksgiving. Your house must be shining with all the touchups and décor changes. I love the way your front porch looks with the black, white and touches of red. Enjoy your trip.


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