Monday, November 9, 2015

Decorating the master room

I have incorporated a lively touch of orange into our bedroom. 

I find the combination of orange and gray to be a most effective and glamorous choice when it comes to decorating.  

This pleases the eye and it also pleases my soul. 

I have also changed the fabric on the upholstered headboard to a pop of orange.   

I also have brought a couple of new lamps to go on our bedside tables, as those pretty cut-glass ones I had there are now embellishing our living room.  I'd had preferred to see a much larger, more elegant type of a table lamps here, but for now I'm loving the whimsical charm these white owls brings to the atmosphere of the winter room.  

They speak to my heart of the solitary, vine teeming woods and they made me want to go outside during the dark hours of night and listen... listen to the whispers of darkness in the hope of grasping a fleeting glimpse of magic. 

As much as I love the pillows I already have, I'm so in love lately with leopard fabric. This is my inspiration.  From Dwellings by Devore.

In the mean time I find some leopard fabric pillows, 
I'm using this cute pillow for now.  
I love the contrast in pattern and unity of colors.

Pretty touches that won't brake the budget.  Add a touch of gold with a thrift store metal vase sprayed painted in gold and an old book covered in shinny gold wrapping paper.

More orange on the other side of the bed... a vintage tarnished silver pot with ranunculus. 

Too bad the symmetry of the room doesn't let me take a better pic of the entire room... but all in all I'm loving each detail.  A cozy room always evolving. 

I hope wherever you live in the world, that you are loving the season you are in 


  1. Love it. Orange is the perfect fall color and a cozy color for winter.

  2. Gorgeous - love the pops of orange!

  3. You did great! It looks fantastic. Great job!

  4. As usual you are a whirlwind of creativity. Love to see all the changes you come up with. Your home is a constant work in progress and will always be so. Change is fun.


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