Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There and here and over there

I've been told that grass at the little white cottage is growing faster than fast, and that the woods behind the garden are greener than green and luscious in all its precious lushness.  Onofre, the man I hired to mow our lawn went by today.  He cut the grass and trimmed the hedges and told me that we've bee having floods of rains lately.  How lovely and how lush our gardens must be looking...

When we left, my husband set up timers in several parts of the garden so we could keep it watered down and kept all my flower pots supple and moisten.  We put all the flower pots in one same spot to make things easier and thus, made another garden kind of sorts with this unity. 

We set up all the timers a few days before we left to test that everything was working property.  Fifteen minutes every day of watering.  And what an amazing idea this was... not only because there's no need for me to water manually, but also because now we don't need to worry about having friends over every day to water for us.  It amazed me how just in such short time my potted flowers seemed to have revived.  They grew and turned lush and green all together loving each other under umbrellas of rain.

Another friend is feeding the fish. The nine that survived this time.  Goldfish grow fast and adapt well to the pond environment.  I love seeing them in our pond.

We're still in San Antonio.  I am enjoying walks by the river and quaint little shoppings and villas filled with history and art.  But I'm already exhausted from... I guest from being away from home.  If that is possible at all.

We will be parting tomorrow towards the house in the roses, to be with our girls and visit dear people and old places that will always live in our hearts.

I'll keep you posted if I can, and if possible, we can go to the house in the roses too... you and I to see what delights and longings await there for us?  Thank you for coming along!

See you all soon!


  1. Yep..I always tire easily when away from home.?I think maybe because we are out of our daily routine. The "little white cottage in the woods"awaits your return. I'll meet you at "the house in the roses" for coffee and a stroll.

  2. What a good idea to use a timer to water! Your plants still miss you though... Unless you taught the timer to talk to them like you do! I would love to go with you to the House in the Roses!


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