Friday, July 10, 2015

The house in the roses gardens...

I cannot tell where I am.... or what paths are these my feet are walking upon

 And who I'm I?

I think I must be Mary Lennox...  and this must be some abandoned secret garden of sorts...

This place it surely looks familiar to me....  have I ever been here before?  I wonder.

Perhaps it was in a dream I'd seen it?  

In a long long, very long time ago dream maybe?

I feel my heart thumping inside my chest and my hands are shaking a little, as if somehow I belong here? 

I want to go inside this garden and say hello to the flowers, but the witch's broom I see parked outside is telling me otherwise...  perhaps I should run away?

I decide to risk it all and take a peek inside anyway... 

You can tell this garden was very much loved by someone once... once upon a time, I'm sure.  For although still lovely, what a pity it is to see it now overgrown and unkempt...

I see weeds growing rampant everywhere and vines have taken trees and shrubs, and even one of the walls on the west side of the house...

There seemed to have been Shasta daisies growing here and there,

And in one or two corners there were beds of Black-eyed Susan's with a lovely Virginia Creeper vine covering the walls behind them...

There had once been a flowerbed of roses on this path... 

Including a climbing red Don Juan, but now they're gone.  Whatever had happened to them?  

The grape vine must had gobbled them up
like everything else...

Loose, swinging curtains...
Still lovely in spite of such neglect...
See all those weeds swallowing up the perennials at its feet?

Oh I so want to cry, but instead I feel anger growing inside me... 
I'm mad mad... but mad at who?  
Is it possible that nobody sees these things? 

I'm sure birds here faint from heartaches...  such a strange and tragic thing indeed.   I hope this little one here ain't the robin who showed Mary Lennox the way to her Secret Garden... but I guess it ain't difficult to die from a heartache after all when all you see here is just weeds and unruly vines...

I cannot bear to show you the flowerbeds where roses and snapdragons in the colors of rainbows used to grow-like jewels on a queen's crown... growing there now is just a sad amalgamation of weeds and some other type of unidentified vegetation I cannot describe.

The herb garden has become quite invasive.  Left for so long to their own devices, the mint and bee balm have chocked out everything around them... 

Plants are not coexisting peacefully in this neighborhood...  

It is a chaos indeed... 

still a lovely chaos? 

In that ungracious corner you see here where a picnic table stands now, there once resided a lovely swing set there...

I used to love this corner... It was a sweet and special place in the garden...

Transformed now...
Nobody's fault I suppose... 
as you can see, things never remains the same... 
including us humans...

I lack sufficient courage to show you the once lovely grapevine covered porch with cozy furnishing; neither the red tip photinia plants; both past dead now however both still standing... I guess I can muster enough audacity to show you what's left of the once lovely white paper birch--the sad lonely bones of a dear garden. 

Oh but we mustn't leave this place through the footpaths of disappointment, must we?  What good would that do us?  We must collect a bouquet of optimism to take with us instead... shall we?  

Thank you for strolling these gardens with me again my friends~


  1. Replies
    1. Dear Cielo,

      :(( ...I understand very well...
      But still.... at the end..."my heart is the temple where God sits"...
      that's why :)

      Rita (from Belgium)

  2. Your unique vision of a garden... Is not shared by everyone. Sad to say. All the loving work you put into the garden at the House in the Roses, has not been kept up. They do not have your vision. Even with a witch's broom around.

    May I make a suggestion? Please don't go back again. Please.

    Keep your memories safe in your heart. With all the lovely photos you took, while you tended your beloved garden there.

    But don't return again...... Please....

    Keep pouring all your garden-love, into the garden at The Little White Cottage in the Woods.




    Gentle hugs,

    1. Wise words of a caring soul... thank you so much for the encouragement and for being with me in the paths of life.

      Much love to you dear Tessa


  3. (((((Big Hug))))) dear Cielo. :(

    1. Hug accepted and felt.... much needed.

      Love (and thank you for the 'sad' face... it means a lot.



  4. So very sad to see the remnants of your once perfect garden, but unfortunately all do not share the love of the garden. I agree with Tessa. It would be easier to not visit again if possible, the hurt and disappointment are too heartbreaking. No one can change your memories though so keep them safe. Know you can't wait to get home now to your beautiful cottage and magical garden.
    Big hug for you

    1. So true... memories still alive and all those photographs I've collected through those years... and oh yes, I do I do I do have a magical garden.... I still do. I will always do! ;)

      Thank you for being my 'bloggy' friend dear Sherry.... sending you blessings in warm breezes



  5. I always loved your house in the roses. What happen to it? Did you sell it or rented it out?

    1. Hi Betty... our house is rented. The couple living there now wants to buy it, but first they need to sell their house, and its taken time for this to happen. I'd been thankful for this delay, because deep down I couldn't part from that house, but I am now more than ever ready to sell.
      Thanks for asking.


  6. I sometimes drive by a house I previously owned and where I raised my 2 sons. Each time I am brought to tears. So perhaps Tessa (above comment) is right. We should not return but covet our memories of a home we once cherished and will always remember even while building memories at another. Run, run Cielo.. Back to your little white cottage in the woods!

    1. Yes, I'm so missing our little white cottage and those lovely woods... I can only imagine how beautifully things are growing there... oh the moon flower vines that were growing when we left... I wonder how they are and the gardenia bush with those lovely white blooms and the lovely hostas and and....

      Thank you for your comments Jenny....


  7. Oh my heart feels for you Cielo. I now how much that garden meant to you once mi querida amiga. Hace tiempo no se de ti.... Que pena que las personas que ocupan tu casa no le den el quido ni amor que una vez tuvo.

    I can imagine how heart broken an angry you must have felt sweet friend. I do have pictures on my blog that will sure bring you a smile amiga.



    1. Janet gracias por pasar por aqui....

      Un abrazo.


  8. As Thomas Wolfe said, "You Can't Go Home Again." Gardening takes a special vision.

    1. Yes... a special vision. And I do have? I almost can't believe it. I think so little of myself sometimes. Thank you Gayla for strolling the gardens of life with me in this cosmic world of blogging.

      Love ya my friend


  9. Perhaps your visit to the House in the Roses was a good thing in a way Cielo, because you've realized that you are now finally ready to let it go. Thank goodness you have the little white cottage in the woods where you have lovingly coaxed the garden to life just like Mary Lennox did. I'm sure the robin must be there waiting for you to return home.

    1. How sweet... how sweet and wonderful to hear this... my little heart is bursting with desires and wishes and dreams... my little white cottage, and the gardens I brought to life... yes yes! Some promises of life....

      Thank you for the encouragement your words have brought in



  10. Ahhh Cielo, I too wanted to cry. I loved the House in the Roses. It was your beautiful spirit the made it all so magical. I have such a fear that when I am gone my gardens too will disappear. Maybe we should not go back just hold the happy memories. Hugs,


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