Friday, July 17, 2015

A week

A week of joyful hours, 
A week of giggles and gugugagas 
A week of little feet scurrying all around the house...

A super duper busy week of extra work helping mama recoup from a routine surgery... tending the little ones... a week of cooking and washing dishes and cleaning floors, up the stairs down the stairs changing diapers, playing "Elsa", "Rapunzel", Minnie Mouse", "Wonder Woman" too. 

Kite flying days, trampoline jumping days, night time baths, bedtime stories. 

Lovely little fairies came out to play each day...

The dear sweet precious wonderful beautiful fairies princesses of my little heart... 

My heart is so full it's hard to speak...

A taste of what real exhaustion feels like too I can tell you that! ;) But of course, it was a sweet tiredness and a blessing upon a blessing being able to help and share life with those little angels of my heart. The thought of home kept me dreaming too, but on our way back yesterday something happened to the plane that was supposed to take us back and our flight was cancelled.  We ended up being stranded at the airport in Salt Lake City for an entire day...  Finally, we boarded our plane at 1:00 AM.  We gained two hours coming back east, so we arrived home this morning round 6:00 am.  The longest flight eeeeverrr.... it almost felt like a Transatlantic flight.  I slept throughout the entire 2 hours drive home from the airport.

Then... home--dear little white cozy charming nesting place

And back to a lush garden that surprised me to the moon and back with huge Elephant Ear plants and glorious lime-green Annabell hydrangeas in full bloom.

I am thankful for each moment, thankful for lovely summer mornings and blue skies like these we're having... in awe at my Heavenly Father and His infinite love... I am in love I am free from bondage, my heart is the temple where God sits.  

I have a lot of work to do in the garden, but I am eager to start and bring this little paradise of mine back to its most desirable favorable optimum conditions again... This time the Mary Lennox in me rejoices in what she sees--my lovely garden and the most enchanting woods.  Back at the house in the roses things remained the same.  My heart is free from regrets.  Free from the bonds I once felt for that garden.  Before I left, I saw Archibald locking up the garden door and burying the key beneath the earth.  That's where I'm leaving it. 

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post.... your friendship makes me happy!


  1. Such pretty pretty babies! ... I am so inspired you are home and at peace.

  2. Welcome home. So glad you have broken the bond and are now free. I suspect you are going to have a joyous future. Your grandkids are beautiful. Nice to see pictures of them again. I know you miss them. Hope your daughter is recovering well.

  3. Beautiful children and I know that you had a wonderful time with them. Glad that your back home to take care of your stunning garden.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Sweet lovely young ladies.. opps perhaps fairies.. Seems like you had a wonderful time with them being so very busy.. I have now 13 grandchildren the newest a wee little baby girl.. There is nothing like a new baby so soft and cuddly.. I think being a grandma is the best.. Glad your home and content to the fullest with your new home .. with love Janice

  5. What a wonderful homecoming after a trip to a place in your heart. Your little grand fairies are so cute and growing fast. Sometimes our memories are far better than reality and maybe that's the way it should be. We can travel back in time to the house in the roses anytime we wish by way of your former posts and never be disappointed. Your magical garden in the woods is such a special place and is still revealing itself to all who visit. Welcome home.

  6. What dear 'Grand-babies'... How lovely to have had time with them. Even if it was time, with all the household duties, to do too. Your daughter and son in law must be so happy to have had your assistance, at a busy time.

    I am glad that it sounds as if you have been able to cut your ties, with the garden at The House In The Roses. It's time. It's time. Concentrate on your now-home and now-garden. Which you have sculpted to perfection.

    Gentle hugs,


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