Sunday, June 11, 2017

Life in the cottage

I'm still admiring the hemerocallis, 
and the days are calm, 
with a deep green hue under pure, cobalt skies.  

Pea pebble paths are being embellished by exotic late spring petals, squirrels are active trying to eat as much bird seeds from bird-feeders as they can, and the pond is beaming with hundred of tadpoles. From now on, we shall call it "Frog Pond".   

Frog Pond, or Turtle Pond, or Koi Pond... I just love our pond, and this year is looking marvelous with the liner, rocks, and all that new greenery growing around it ever so lush and splendidly glorious.

Another category of frogs do live in my garden too, pesky little things they are trying to hike up the pergola when I'm not watching...  I love them all, real as not so real as well.

Butterfly bushes are in lavender blooms!
One or two butterfly have found their way here.  
Soon there will be dozens of fairy-like little wispy things
embellishing the garden.  
I can hardly wait for their arrival!

Flower pots are being placed in one spot for watering

And the hibiscus is putting out some apricot gorgeousness.  I have always loved hibiscus flowers and have always dreamed with growing them in my garden. The first year we moved here I bought a lovely apricot tree just like this one, but they didn't make it.  I didn't know our southerly winters could resemble our northerly winters sometimes, and thus my hibiscus didn't make it, but now that I know I decided to tried growing them again.  This time, in a pot.  I will be bring them inside for warmth this fall, and hopefully they will do wonderful.  We'll just have to see!   

More ferns... because, well, I just love them!

Hydrangeas are in bloom.  Pinks on the back!

...and a mixture of lavender and blues on the front

The porch is looking glorious dressed in newly bloomed hydrangea glory.  

A mama bird found my hanging "Wedding Veil" baskets there, and decided it was the perfect place to have her babies.  I had seen her watching over her little ones.  Every time I go out, or come too close she would rush away in a panic frenzy.  I have told her I will not harm her wee ones, and thus she has kept them, and they are almost ready to explore the world now.   

Me too, I am ready to explore the world once again and fly along birds and puffy silver-lined clouds. I am excited and anticipating the thrill of old, holy places and ancient cities filled with yesterday's echos of redemption.  I hope you're doing well wherever you are, and enjoying each precious day being gifted to you.  See you soon!


  1. What a gorgeousness in your garden, my darling Cielo, enjoy every little moment of this wondefrul season, Sweetie !

    Wishing you a blessed Sunday

    XOXO Dany

  2. I love to visit your garden, Cielo! I'm going to try to find some frogs on a rope for my garden! Happy Sunday!

    1. Lottie, you'll love those frogs!It was a gift from one of our sons, and I just love it!!



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