Sunday, June 4, 2017

As days go by...

The Hemerocallis are in bloom.  Lirio de San Juan, Azucenas amarillas, Azucena turca, Lirio de la maƱana... I love them all.

It never ceases to amaze me the way nature has about multiplying itself in beauty, if you're willing to work along with it, and I'm astounded at the simple, yet extravagant beauty of flowers that today dress my garden in all their glorious glories...  

I can hardly believe they all came from that insignificant cutting from a friend's garden two years ago.  You just keep dividing and dividing, and they will multiply in beauties... 

It is also the season of the gladiolus.  Those my father and I'd planted along the fence at the end of the garden that first year we moved to our little white cottage are the first ones in bloom.  They are brightening up the garden in the most beautiful lavender colors and profound sentiments, for I will always be reminded of a father's love, and sacrifices made in the name of love, and tender cares every time I see them bloom.  Some of them are mingling with other plants that grow alongside, and one particular rose bush is boasting gladiolus on their branches, for either gladiolus and roses are growing so close to each other, that you are almost prone to believe they are all and one the same.  Gladiolus and roses on one same bush. 

The elephant ears plants are getting bigger each day.  The ones closed to the little creek that runs at the hedge of the woods are so big by now that you cannot help but imagining visions of huge Savanna elephants running throughout the grassy plains and bushlands of Africa.  

The liatirs spicata I planted last year on the new flowerbed, which is a lilted path on the center of the garden are all ready to bloom, purple spikes are reaching up to the slice of sun peeking through cotton-puffy clouds, and although they look beautiful, I think I made a mistake in planting them there, because they take away visual interest by hiding the lower plants growing behind and around them, including the large flowerpot of roses I have growing in the center, which right now is almost covered by the long spikes of beautiful liatris.  I should move them and plant instead some fast growing low annuals there, like impatiens, or maybe begonias.

Morning sun hits the east side of the garden where the hedge of hostas meet the wood, and the woods are dark and sinuous and there's a mystery kept in there that I really love.  It calls to me, and draws me there and summons me to it in a hundred magical way; particularly in the morning hours when the sun sits right on the green crown of the woods, and you look at things and you discover little treasures growing there... like what's that I see?  

I have never seen such lovely plants with tiny buds of pink blossoms growing in that parts of the woods before, with all that shade in which things are kept to themselves there, and I cannot tell whether these were part of the annual scraps I throw there last years at the beginning of winter that survived and now have come back to life on its own, or if perhaps these are just what I want to believe they are...  

...some little gifts thrown my way by the Creator of all beautiful things... and I think it is! Either way they are little miracles... little gifts that my Heavenly Father leaves for me, and scatters them around my garden for me to discover and be amazed at Him, at his benevolence and creative powers every day and every minute of my life...

The Philodendron Selloum plant that I took out in March to let it died under a most unexpected late frost have also come back to life, and its large dark green, shiny lobed leaves are as beautiful as ever, and the plant a miracle in itself, in the beauty of new, strong leaves and roots that won't give up.  Apricot hibiscus flowers are opening up in a young tree than I'm trying to give it a try for the second time now.  And inside the house I have chosen to believe in goodness and peace.  I chose to believe!

Some amazing things are coming our way soon, and I live in expectancy of what's to come.  All my senses are open to my surroundings, to what I see and hear and feel, and to what I believe.  Opened to the senses of the soul too... intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy.  Most people don't know anything about the inner senses, but I rely on them just as I rely on my physical senses, and in fact probably even more!  I am sending fairy whispers and pink clouds your way... may you feel surrounded by the love of others, and above all, by the love and peace of the Eternal.  See you soon!  


  1. I love to stop by and visit your blog! It is so beautiful and touches my heart. For the last few hours it has been a steady downpour of rain! I "choose happy" by listening to the rain!. Yes, and blessings to you, too!

    1. Thank you Lottie... we're kindred!

      Hugs a plenty!


  2. Your flowers are all so pretty. I have a lot of the same flowers. I love dividing mine and planting them in a new spot. So much in bloom here right now. We have a small greenhouse and have been starting a lot of things from seed. I have a lot of zinnias that self seeded from last year. Love spring. Lovely post. Blessings to you.

    1. Aren't gardens such a wonderful, wonderful thing! Enjoy your flowers every minute! I shall plant zinnias again!



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