Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Life in the cottage


After dinner tonight we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. The temperature was perfect, the skies clear and cobalt in tint, and every lawn and every tree out there were painted in deep emerald. 

Coming back home after our walks it always is a delightful thing... If you're at the bottom of that last hill before reaching our home, most probably you won't even realize that our little white cottage is sitting pretty somewhere out there... for you would not be able to see it from that angle... only when you reach the top of the hill you'll then see it... like surging before your eyes out of the greenery of Nature in an almost surprising way.  

And there it'd be... our jewel of a little white cottage.  Sunk at the bottom of that same hill, engulfed by the abundance of Nature surrounding it. 

We walked straight to the garden's entrance and onto our little enchanted world we went... 

Then, we sat out there for a very long time, enjoying everything we saw and heard. We talked about our present life, and remembered our past, we counted our blessings and numbered all those dreams of yesterday, made reality today.  All of my dreams... those I dreamt of all day every day four years ago when we were living at the house in the roses, are reality today... when I thought my world had crumbled under the wrath of some very mean people, God was working on my dreams... I am blessed and astounded beyond belief.  Some people may say that dreams don't work unless you take action, but sometimes it is best if you let God do all the action instead, while you just trust him and wait on His timing.  

Birdfeeders have been filled with new goodies, and our feathered friends were coming and going excitedly, as if invited to some magical soiree.  This evening, a soloist sat somewhere in the woods and serenaded us with music I'd never heard coming from the larynx of birds...  I heard him sing a church's hymn, then it was a wedding song in a more melodic style, in which notes were sung in a most unusual fashion. His song was like a lost dream of sorts, a song about friendship, and the redemptive power of music.  Perhaps we were being serenaded by angels?  It was almost as being sitting in an Opera with the green, woodsy scenery for a background.  Birds in attires of plumes and colorful costumes waited ready to engage in fancy dances and theatrical acting, while the orchestra and musical ensemble waited for our soloist to finished.  What a treat that was!


I stopped at our local thrift store today after work and brought home with me the cutest dessert plates...

Roses, leaves, flowers, buds that remind me of the wonders of the spring garden.

I felt inspired to bring out some of my mismatched vintage plates and decorate the table with them,,,

Tea and cupcakes anyone?  

I went to the garden and collected the cutest little posy to embellish my table with.  

The cilantro from last year are in flower right now, and that's what's embellishing my table now.  

I love the flimsy, delicate leaves of the cilantro plant and the pretty little purple flowers it puts when the cilantro is done.  So we don't prune, and let the plant bloom...  


Love the scent wafting from it too!  Perfect for the kitchen.  
It opens up your appetite and bring to mind images of home 
and the cozy atmosphere of our favorite place on earth....

All is going well at my new job.  Learning a lot, and getting acquainted with the idiosyncrasy of the South, which, if I may say, it could be amazingly interesting if you're not used to it.  Never have I seen or experienced anything like how things work in the workplace around here... I mean, people from other department come to meet you and say hi, everyone seem to know you already, or have heard about you already, and they talk about you, and you'd often hear them say how fortunate they are to have you there... for them my name is "exotic", my accent ''sassy", and they want to know all about your life in those first 5 minutes they meet you. 

While talking to the HR director today he mentioned how my boss was bragging about me yesterday... They applaud when I translate, they applauded me when I got back from lunch on that first day of work, happy to see me come back... and you better make sure to offer your goodbyes personally at the end of each working day to everyone... yesterday after I clocked-out, I said my 'goodbye' as I was leaving.  The office was pretty busy at that time with people coming in and out from all directions, so I left without saying much.  The minute I got home I noticed I had a voicemail on my phone from one of my co-workers who wanted to make sure I was OK, because I'd left so quietly... was I overwhelmed?  Wow!  I was so used to come and go at my previous job without people asking me how I felt... city folks up north where we used to live are so different.  They are on guard all the time and wonder what you want when you say hello for no reason.  Everyone mind their own business and never show emotions.  Friendly, good people too, but very reserved.  You can never tell if you are appreciated.  Here they will tell you what they think without blinking.  I love the warmth of southerners.  Some people may find this meddlesome, but I like it.  They are nice 'nosy too' caring people.  And they know how to make you feel appreciated for sure.   I'm blessed.  But please wish me luck! ;) ;)



  1. What a wonderful sweet story you have told her, Cielo. I am happy for you that you have found your peace and are so richly blessed.
    I loved living in the south and miss it terribly. They love the way northerners 'work' and they love the midwesterners, too. One of my bosses told me if they hired from those areas they were almost guaranteed that they were getting a real "worker". lol
    Good luck to you- xo Diana

  2. :)) Glad to hear all is going well at your job.

    ... Happy Easter days, Cielo.
    :) Rita

  3. So happy you are enjoying your new job!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone


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