Monday, January 16, 2017

My dream living room

If you are reading my blog for the first time, a very warm welcome! Hi, I’m Cielo, dweller of a tiny white cottage situated on a lot surrounded by woods in its entirety.  I believe that everyone deserves a home that is full of style and reflective of their own unique personality.  Thus, just because I live in a cottage that does not mean I have it decorated in the traditional cottage style...  

In fact, my home is a happy potpourri of styles.  I favorite the French Country Style.  I love the romantic touches and clean lines of whites and modern monochrome, but I also have such a soft spot for rich colors.  Moody charcoal, dark gray, navy and gold.  I think it is the contrast of rich dark colors with the glamorous metallic what captivates me.  Rich dark colors make for a cozy room and the gold adds that element of glamour that I love.  For me, it all comes to light surroundings, modernity, glamour, lots of patterns, painted furniture, animal prints, mirrors, and gold.  And since I love glitz, I couldn’t think of any more appropriate style than a little bit of Hollywood Regency thrown in the mix too.     A style that pretty much looks something like this...

The other day someone asked me what my dream living room would look like. Of course, it would have to be a totally different architecture, high ceilings, lots of dark hardwood floors and exposed beams, but based on what I have and some of the other work you’ve seen around here, the following images summarize what I love to see in my present living room.

First off, I want a velvet couch - something like this Wakefield Sectional - 2PC in Regal Smoke
...or this one in Regal Sapphire

...Or this Warwick 109" tufted upholstered sofa in Lourdes Fog – from Arhaus.  Love the softness of the color and composition of it.

But my favorite would have to be this stunning green tufted sofa in Arabella Ash, also from Arhaus. Truly gorgeous.  

I can already picture this stunning couch embellished with hips of decorative pillows inspired by antique carpets, like these Tapete plum Chloe velvet rectangle pillows.  Their rich jewel-like colors and designs remind me of old fairytales, of Aladdin and his magic carpet and beautiful princesses.

A velvet couch is bold, is modern, is classic.  Paired with gold and animal-print accents, the result is simply glamorous...

A dark gray accent wall for sophistication is a most... add a super beautiful velvet couch and it will make the room look even more glamorous.

A pop of lively green among the black/white geometric it simply spells glam to me...

Beautiful rugs, hides and sheepskin rugs are so important when designing a dreamy home... floors, walls and furniture acquire a different tone to it and the feel of your home becomes exactly what you want it to be with the right kind of rug. 

I love texture and pattern.  My style focuses on geometric shapes, angular patterns and bold curves. Carpets with geometric or animal prints are my favorite.  

Next is the coffee table... graceful, modern and refined.  Glass and metal design combination paired with geometric features.  These two first ones from the Brooke Collection, Zgallerie.  

Art Deco design coffee table in brass, from Arhaus... 

A dark gray or navy accent wall instantly ups the coziness of a room and it looks amazing with super white trims and dark woodwork.  I love layering a dark gray accent wall with lighter shades of furnishings and a pretty chandelier to create a warm and inviting space.

A beautiful vintage chandelier is a must in my dream living room... like this unique Spanish Brass & Crystal c1950 from Antique Lighting...

Our this Marie Antoinette Brass & Crystal Chandelier c1950

Mixing glamour with romance is pure awesomeness to me... 

And always lots of black and white paired with a pop of color to break down dullness

I also love big art pieces and bold geometric patterned accents.  Those quick pops of color and patterns in your eye line can make a huge difference to the energy of a room. 

You have to love patterns... 
Something about the combination of black and white patterns broken down by
the simplicity of a burst of color steals my heart every time!

I love the combination of the Hollywood Regency glam and the romance of vintage...
One or two large mirrors like these would do for me...

Abstracts and heaps of decorative pillows

Black and White and Gold... combining black, white and gold produces an elegant and glamorous look to a home. This color palette reminds me so much of Rita Hayworth.  I love how all those cold and sleek black elements go so well with the warm tones of gold.  Following I have chosen a few pieces that summarize what I love...

What's your decorating style?  So many choices, so much fun imagining, so rewarding making your home beautiful with what you have!

Have a lovely day my dears!


  1. Beautiful. I am so glad to see that you can have a love for so many styles. So even though you have a little white cottage, you can enjoy so many beautiful things that are commonly known to modern farmhouse/contemporary or french country. What glamorous choices. I would love to own some of the pieces. They are such classics.

  2. Such classics and yet so on style.. contemporary yet; as I see some decorator friends do this a lot. I love most pieces here, specially those great couches.
    Have fun redecorating your white cottage, if you are planning to.
    Feliz año 2017.

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty. . .I love all that you are sharing here. Especially the velvet sofa! I am so ready to ditch the leather one we have, but there's also a lot of remodeling I want to do too! I'm with you on the glamorous and feminine touches.

  4. Lovely inspiration! I especially love the patterned chair with bright pink pillow.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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