Monday, October 3, 2016

Un viaje a Madrid

I miss this and this and this and this...

A city resting over a history that goes back to the Early Middle Ages.  Ancient castles, gypsy merchants at local outdoor markets selling everything from mantones and shawls, beautifully hand-painted fans, to shoes, to luggage.  Flower stands everywhere, crowded streets where the young and old mingle as one.  People of all ages and from all parts of the world passing by, walking together, talking, smiling, laughing, hurrying up to some unknown places, as street pigeons forage for food and birds eat at the feet of little tables and chairs spread outside restaurants and local eateries.

Ancient monuments sleeping under pages of history, stone fountains, kings and queens palaces, cobblestone century old streets, prehistoric cathedrals, walled cities and blue skies.  

El Museo de Prado, one of the most beautiful and famous museums in the world.  

And then, there's eating at the world's oldest restaurant, and tapas, the quintessential and ubiquitous Spanish food everywhere... a slice of out-of-the-oven onion and potato omelet, accompanied by the best non-alcoholic super cold beer you can ever taste with creamy heads of foam where every little bubbles is carrying a puff of aroma. 

The best of perfect made coffees, foamy and dark and sweet at any time of day, and an entire street with road after road of open libraries filled to the brim with vintage goodness.

A ride on Madrid's cable car, looking down at the most wonderful panoramic views of many of the capital's best sights and attractions, long walks in any of the many parks and wide open spaces, rose-gardens, boating lake, and the wonderful street theatre at the Retiro Park. 

Then there are those chocolate con churros waiting for you on every corner to restore you energy after all that walk and activity.  A dark and thick chocolate like you've never tasted before, and soft, perfect churros and bollos and tarts and best bakeries and breads you can think of.  There's also a Starbucks on every corner you turn, beautiful, bohemian and cosmopolitan places with big windows from where you can sit down and watch the people outside go by. 

European woman know a thing or two about fashion for sure.  Particularly the more mature, older generation.  Woman favor dresses and skirt over pants.  No baggy, or oversized pieces.  Their  clothes fit perfectly to their body, and you find a lot of matching shoes and handbags.  If they wear pants, they always choose a colored top that compliments the color of their pants, and generally you can tell they put some thought into the overall look.

I love watching these woman walking in twos or threes.  Mothers and daughters and sister arm in arm, always impeccably dressed. They always dress up a little more than normal, and would certainly never be caught in yoga pants or sweats outside of the house.

I saw a lot of scarves, delicate hats, necklaces, and elegant jewelry.  You could always tell who the tourists were by their shorts, jeans, tennis shoes and the backpack ;)

Everybody there walks. From the youngest to the oldest.    

One day, when we were passing by the Mexican Embassy I could hardly believed what I saw... They were having a Frida Kahlo exposition that week.  For free!  I went crazy... we had to go in.  Photographs from the lens of Nickolas Muray of Frida I had never seen before... can you believe it! How lucky!

Street vendors from Africa to tempt you with all sorts of goodies at your disposition...

I got this beautiful African bangle... love it!

...and this

Beautiful balconies filled with flowerpots...

Late at night one day we were already in bed when all of a sudden decided to go for a little adventure and see how the world were doing outside. We got dressed, I gathered up my messy hair, and we went outside... the world had just started to waken up literally... people were out there still eating and having drinks, kids were still playing ball in the park and families were walking everywhere... such a lively, happy city Madrid is.  

I could talk about the bad too, of course.  There's a lot to talk of it, just like with any city, but I won't because we had a perfect, lovely visit and we truly enjoyed ourselves up to the most.  So there, only the good, and I would go back any day any time.  Actually, I would not mind living there for a few years.  Maybe a dream that would come true one day?  Who knows!  

OK, I think I have already talk too much and I hope I haven't bored you... but I have so much to share, so many pictures to show you! ;)  I hope you are all doing fine.  I have missed you and I'll be back soon to continue sharing my little life with you.

Good night!


  1. Love your large photos! This, is how a blog should look, IMHO.

    I have been following your trip, on IG. Remember the painting of the lovely lady, with the smile? I'd love to know more about her. Even if you don't know more, would you please post her picture here? She is so joyful and full of life and mischief looking. Unusual for old paintings, where people do not usually display "normal" facial expressions.

    Autumn blessings,
    Luna Crone

    1. Her name was Amalia de Llano (April 29, 1822 - July 6, 1874), and she was painted by Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz.

      "As a masterpiece of Spanish romantic portraits and the most attractive female portraits of the artist, it is undoubtedly the most emblematic work of the collections of the 19th century the Prado. Madrazo reached in this work the pinnacle of his mature production, this time with its painstaking refinement, serving one of the most beautiful and charming women of Madrid during the reign of Isabell II of Spain (1833-1868). The portrait has been created with a distinctly French air, well suited to the elegance of the model, that Madrazo learned during his training in Paris with Ingres. The pose of the lady conveys inspiration outside of the Spanish tradition. The coquettish pose of the model is nevertheless studiously casual, which serves to give the work a graceful movement. The lighting used by Madrazo makes the whiteness of female skin tones stand out against the dark background, while accentuating the color. The subtlety of certain gestures of the model, as the delicacy of holding the fan, the almost imperceptible touch of her fingers with her oval face or the sweet smile, echoed by her seductive look, all serves to show the magnificence of this portrait.",_condesa_de_Vilches_(Federico_de_Madrazo).jpg

    2. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

      I do think hers, is a marvelous portrait.

      Gentle Autumn hugs,
      Luna crone

  2. Cielo, Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip and all the GOOD. We all need to be reminded of the GOOD and the beauty of our World. Also sounds like you have seen many GOOD people! God bless you for a safe trip and safe return home.

    1. Oh but we're back we're back!😀 Thanks for the good wishes



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