Saturday, September 17, 2016

Life here and there

Summer is gathering up her skirts of glories and, like a dream, is gliding away.  Slowly, but certain, I see it fading into the nothingness of another year, as it lends us the graces to be able to fold another page of our history into the drawers of our time.  

And as I see a last vision of gathered petal skirts and sun-kissed robes at the bend of the horizon, a tinge of sadness fills this old soul.  It is hard to let go.  And although my heart awaits the colorful days ahead with its dancing of leaves and crispy breezes, it insists in retaining whatever is left of that, which is living us... clinging to it as if I could in any possible way make it part of my soul.  I am a sentimental, and always will.   

Thankful too, that I am feeling much better lately, that my days have regained their accustomed hues, and I'm able to break out of that inner shell where I hide sometimes.  What a blessing health is, clear in my mind, happiness begins with a huge portion of good health.  

We have spent a few lovely days in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, enjoying the ocean and ocean breezes, and then it's been the mountains and the lake, and my soul always prefers the last... 

Prefers this quieter communion with a much softer part of nature, with the secluded woods surrounding the placid lake and mountains dressed in lively emeralds, ever so absent of the noises of population.   

In the garden at the little white cottage, roses are in perfect bloom again...

Are they the last jewels of the year?  I bring them inside and hope that there will be still some time left for more, a time of warmth to linger a little longer onto the tableau of autumn for more roses to come, and more bouquets.

I have been searching for some packages of sunflower seeds to spread in the vegetable beds facing the rose beds, so that my roses may have something almost as sweet as themselves to look at until winter arrives, but thus far I haven't found any.  I've always fantasize with the idea of an autumnal garden filled with sunflowers, even when it is a ridiculous thought, as sunflowers are the jewels of summers, but wouldn't it be glorious if we could plant fields of yellow sunflowers to go with all the oranges and crimsons in the autumnal landscape?   

Birds and little creatures are everywhere, as if sensing that soon summer will be gone and they must not waste any time that it is not enjoying every minute of it...  I love watching them swooping from bird feeder to tree branches, running up and down so fast in four little legs-arms as they do...

I remember those days a few years ago when my tarnished silver teapots were something of a sacred thing to me.  The romanticism inspired by patina and feelings brought to surface by bygone life and lives, spoke to my heart in a thousand magical ways back then.  But things change with the passing of time.  Life changes.  We change.  And as we grow with life we also discover that things that were of some importance to us, or to our nature, become unimportant. And thus, I didn't have to think for a second, or believe I was making a mistake when I started spray-painting this old teapot that, for the longest time I can remember it remained tarnished and sacred to me in its holly patina.  Like a relic. 

What I have learned in life is, if there's something you want to do as far as decorating goes is, do it.  Paint, alter, dump, replace, whatever you want, do it if it is within your means and is what your heart is telling you.  Life is too short to dwell on things that have stopped being important to us, or have loose meaning, or interest to us.  Heck, let's live!

Isn't it pretty painted in gold!  I am looking forward to the introspect days of winter when my hours will consist in making my nest a little prettier, a little more comfortable and homier, and spending more time in homemaking as I spend less hours occupied in the garden.  It always bring so much joy these thoughts of home, and family.  But then again, each season have its own glories to be shared, and I can already imagine my excitement of those late winter days thinking, and wishing for the rebirth of the garden. Every moment is precious.  So let us enjoy each and everyone one of them!

Hope you're doing well,
wherever you are!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, it can be sad saying goodbye to a season and reflecting on the memories. But then I'm soon lost in excitement for the next one!

  2. Very happy that you are feeling better.

    1. Thank you so much Ms Luna! Oh, did you get to see the full moon this past weekend? It was gorgeous!

      Nice seeing you...


  3. Dearest Cielo, a salve to the soul as always. I know what you mean about making home what you want. Who says we can't paint things hitherto unpaintable, embroider and embellish, and find new ways to love old things. Your gold teapot is inspired, and I'm going to paint my own similarly, right now! Much love, Mimi xxx


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