Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Changes in the air...

Sunday... Nights have started to lengthening.  Have you noticed?  I woke up earlier than usual this Sunday morning and was truly surprised to find that by 7:00 am it was still dark outside.  And thus, all the little lights were turned on, one by one.  

Our little cottage felt cozy, and inviting, resembling a page out of a children's fairytale book.

It's been cloudy all day long, and I love the feel and look of days like this.  And the garden is a myriad of fallen leaves.  The usual melancholy of autumn rests upon every plant and every tree.  Everywhere I look I see an old men tree and an old woman flower.  Shrubs, vines, trees, the land is getting ready for the long slumber ahead.  I shiver at this revelation of one's self, established in Nature, and as these thoughts enter my mind, and accommodate to the rhythm of my own life, I close my eyes and, like Nature itself surrender body and soul to the Great I am.  It is so beautiful, and pitiful.  This dying of the natural world.  All is, as we all are too as sad as the passing of summer.  

Under this cloudiness, I took with me a cup of caramel latte and walked the silent garden, examining everything, and pondering about all these things.  The cloudy morning was just so beautiful in its old soul.   

My collection of  'morning' gowns keeps growing. 

I love them all, and love to wake up to a new day and wrap myself in any of these lovely, long flowy things. 

My morning walks in the garden are always more beautiful, more mythical.  The dewy freshness of the hour and rapture of the birds are lovelier when wrapped is the body in flowy silky beauties...

As I go about the house preparing breakfast, I feel like a queen walking the quiet hallways and corridors of some ancient, ghost inhabited castle.  Tea lights here, a lovely lamp turned on there.  Eggs for breakfast, and artisan breads and butter and orange marmalade.

I am ready to change the summer feeling in our little white cottage to a more appropriate autumnal one.  And thus, I have been redecorating, putting away those summer bouquets and roses, and bringing in the crimsoned leaves and toasted spikes.   Soon, all the ferns will have to be brought in, and I'm thinking where can I put them, as our little cottage is already cramped with too many lovely things.  

The desert witches must had been summoning up all the rains this summer, leaving us here dwellers of the green lands dried, and thrifty for it.  But finally this afternoon the doors of heaven had opened up, gifting us with a much needed, delicious downpour that, as it receded, it beckoned me outside, and kept me there for hours working in the garden.  Until a second spell of heavy, stormy delicious rain approached, sending me running inside to hide in the protection of the quiet, cozy and rain-darkened little cottage.  What a lovely, lovely day this has been.

How are you all doing? Have you noticed any changes taking place in your little world already?  Soon there will be trees dressed in fox-like colors and their leaves will look like burnt sugar coated caramels falling from the sky.  But first, so much to do!  I've been busy busy winterizing the garden. The work had been cruel, but so worth it.  I will share more stories with you again, sooner than soon. In the mean time... fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as you can.  It's that time of year again! ;)


  1. Summer will not let go here, but I have seen some leaves start to fall. I love the lights in your home.

  2. It is still way too hot here in central Florida! The only signs of fall here are the squirrels busily hiding food in the yard. It will probably be the end of October before we feel any cooler mornings or evenings and get some of this humidity out of the air....I can't wait!!!

  3. miracle of miracles....we have had almost two days of rain here in San Diego. Everything is thoroughly drenched and very happy with this long awaited drink. Not even close to Fall yet. Temps in the high 80's coming. This short change of scenery so to speak is such a nice change.

  4. It's that cozying-in time of year. Love to see your beautiful world.


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