Monday, January 4, 2016

Window curtains and table lamps

Our days are still dawning up wrapped in nippy blankets, but this morning the sun has finally emerged, and its robust light is bathing my little world in golden globules of cheerfulness and hope.  We like to keep the heater on low, and although the cottage slumbers on the chilly side, I love it.  On my CD, the soothing voice of Rod Stewart rocks my morning... "Darling you oh oh oh thrill me... honest you do... honest you do whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... and could you coo... could you care for a cunning cottage we could share. The world will pardon my rush cause I've got a crush, my baby, on you..."
Oh I do I do the Fisherman and I!  And I'm so in love with our little cottage too.  Sunshine coming through the window in our master room hits on the crystal curtains I have there making all sorts of furtive and enchanting figures of light all over the room... dancing blotch of light that I tried to capture with my lenses in impossible momentous. 

Home styling

Have I mentioned we have our first Goodwill now? ;) I found this awesome table lamp for just a few bucks the other day.  It goes perfectly with all the black and white patterns in our bedroom, and I so love the tall shape of it... 

painted furniture

Then, I also happened upon yet another treasure... a pair of 96" World Market floral Kavita cotton tab top curtains... almost for free with the day's discount.  And a lovely match to the touches of coral I'm incorporating in our room...  I'm so in love...

Touch of coral in the home

Wish I had found two more... 

curtain panels

I prefer two panels on each window, but since I don't think I will be spending $80 for the cost of new ones any soon, a single panel on each window will have to work for now... 

World Market floral Kavita cotton tab top curtains...

I know some designers will see this as a huge 'NO" when it comes to decorating... but oh well, I'm not a designer and I love these panels so much, I decide I don't care!

World Market floral Kavita cotton tab top curtains...

Home decorating isn’t always about large pieces of furniture and expensive things me thinks.  Small details can take a room from drab to fab! It’s easy and can be a quick afternoon project... like just visiting your nearest thrift store ;)

World Market curtains

Be happy with what you have... and always make the best of things...




  1. Isn't Goodwill wonderful? One of my favorite stores! I always find the best stuff there. I absolutely love the curtains you found! The colors are stunning and perfect for your room. Doesn't matter what the so-called experts say about how many panels per window or how to hang love them, they look pretty on your windows, and that's all that matters.

  2. Yup that's what I say also. Who cares, it's your home and bedroom. Sometimes we make compromises and they're fine for us. I made some curtains having only one panel for each window as that's all the fabric I had/could afford.They were bit fuller than yours but who cares? This is what makes you happy with those delightful colors in your room and that's all that matters. You were only meant to have 2 panels or you'd have found 4 or 3? Sometimes I hang things that aren't quite right but they make me happy for amount of time they'll be hanging in our room. We have 2 windows with bit of wall between. I change things so often I don't get too upset or excited about not so great curtains in our room or any room for that matter.
    We have Goodwill but it's pretty expensive on some things. Was very lucky few months ago found very nice white wicker night stand and mirror to match for $20. I grabbed those things so quick, my eyes had zeroed in on them so quick. i use the night stand for end table in living room which is cottagey, works til I get tired of it. Haven't hung mirror yet but think Spring will see it hanging in l/r also, just never know with me.
    Happy New Year. ENjoy your pretty colored/patterned curtains

  3. Cielo, I think if you use bloodmeal? in the garden around your plants it may keep the cats away from your porch. Cats used to use my mother's garden as a litter box and she was given similar advice. Talk to your local nursery or college horticultural extension office.

  4. Decorating should be about what we love, not what a decorator tells us to love!! Looks great!!

  5. I agree with you on that, Goodwill is a great store and the curtains you found there look great. My wife agrees with me they really suite your setup well. Keep up the great blog posts, they are very inspiring to my wife and I and really gets us motivated to do more around the house. Thank you for that.

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

  6. I agree with the other poster, decorating is, in most part, about what we love to do with our surroundings. If it please us, it is fine. Giving in to other's opinions even though you are not fully sold is a disservice to yourself.

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  8. I am always looking for decorative pieces at thrift stores and flea markets. I have found pieces that fit right in with my decor for just a few dollars. My wife would love your style, especially the black and white patterns with a touch of coral. It creates a sophisticated vibe with a splash of color. I hope you find more coral curtains during your next shopping trip.

    Bob Ward @ Allure Window Treatments


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