Thursday, May 7, 2015

Diary of a garden

I can hardly believe it's been already a year since we moved to our little white cottage.    We reached our first-year anniversary on the 30th of April, and I can still remember as if it was today how bare and inhospitable this little plot of earth was...  a field of weeds and a jungle, keeper of strange sounds and overgrown vegetation--that was all.  

About this time of the year, last year, I was up to my eyes in soil and sweat, cutting and removing sod by hand almost to the point of exhaustion, with my heart fixed on the flowerbeds and garden paths I envisioned and knew would bring such joy to such untamed place.  Today, it is almost hard to believe how my hard labors have paid off and how my dreams have come to fruition... plants and flowers I worked so hard on establishing are now giving giving... this amazes me and enchants my little soul to its fullest...  

Yes, it is the same place of a year ago!

Ah my soul is a little butterfly with wings the color of sunshine

It’s been one amazing milestone to relish in – we’ve tasted the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives, the journey hasn't been easy, testing too at the beginning, but it has gotten sweeter as days go by and I learn to trust my Heavenly Father in all aspects of my life. 

Sometimes the best thing one can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breath, and have faith that everything will work out for the best... and that's that I've been doing.

I have discovered that the speedwell plant I planted and so loved last year it did survived after all. It is just a little wee branch coming up from the ground right this moment, but it is there and it is enough to keep me hoping.   

We have built another wall on the east side of the garden to contain that jungle out there.  I stained the wall and made a little path using concrete pavers.  Then planted a whole lot of flowers and added a mirror to the wall.  I also placed a chair painted in blue by the mirror to create the impression of a room and bring that little corner to life.  It looks like a little house seen from the outside now.   

Oh and remember this?

Now this...

 I can hardly wait to see all those Elephant Ear plants I buried in there coming to life!

May... the month of May brings such joy.  Butterflies, too, have moved in with the arrival of May.  Roses are waking up and the fields are getting tinted in colors.  Wildflowers masquerade the earth, and the May wind, coming in from the woods, are bringing the spring snows...  snow that flutters in gusts of fuzzy white tiny seeds covered with silky white cotton-like fuzz, making it easy for the wind to pick them up and transport them miles away.  You can trace these seeds to the cottonwood trees growing in the woods behind our garden... it is a lovely sight, and I'm thankful that as beautiful as this is and as bad as what it can connote I haven't' been affected with any allergies.

I want more of this!

Experimenting with miniature roses...

They were marked down to one dollar... had to have it!

Chiggers and other creatures have come in with the month of May too... in a lessen amount thus far, but they're here irremediably... I guess it's their season to be in season. Nature never ceases to amaze me... it has its own biological clock for sure.

I found three frogs under the patio umbrella this morning.  One landed on my head as I was opening the umbrella--smooth and ashen looking in color, and so cold to the touch!  Oh I know this for a fact, because I was able to caught two of them and placed them on the pond.  The third one got away.  Their soothing night songs are enchanting...

I am the happy queen of my little world, I am committed to live my life surrounded by flowers... it may not be an easy task to accomplish, but that will be my life.  Never give up in procuring your dreams.  Work hard and make it happen!





  1. You have created a veritable paradise in just a year Cielo. It never ceases to amaze me how grateful the earth is to those who show her such loving care. She always gives back a thousandfold.

  2. Bello cielo tienes manos marabillosa tu jardin
    Es un encanto me imajino Como debes de difrutarlo todo te quedo bello eso tenemos
    La Cubana no tenemos miedo a nada yo soy igual corto matas tumbe cocos q te digo
    Muchas bendiciones y un felis dia de las Madre!!!!!

  3. Wow, those before and after pictures are truly amazing! It's such a huge accomplishment. You not only did the work, but also had the vision. I know what I want, but the vision of where and how to put things get in my way. Your home and garden inspires me so much. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cielo, wonderful post. I knew you would work your magic when you first discovered your little white cottage in the woods. I know it must have seemed a lonely place at first. But you have truly made it such a beautiful and comforting home both outside and inside. Lots of back breaking work. Good job!

  5. Hai fatto una bella trasformazione!Il tuo giardino è così bello e ospitale!Bello il tuo modo di pensare che tutto si risolva,a volte ci facciamo prendere dall'ansia e non godiamo niente!Buon mese di maggio!Rosetta

  6. I yhink that I have covered most of your post.. You have done an amazing job of beautifing you sweet cottage. I have my Mama house she passed away a year ago and its a cottage in San Francisco. And its quite full of saved things my Father did Estate cleanings etc. so she drugged a lot of things and filled the cottage to the brim and the house needs tons of work but its a family own home for more than 100 years. But you gave me inspiration and hope that I can transform it all into something sweet. I have enjoy going over your post Thank and im so glad to have found you again with love Janice


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