Friday, December 5, 2014

The mysterious woods

Then outside… 

Crisp, sunny mornings that take your breath away

Something magical lingers in the air…  
a crispiness so pure, 
a bastion of goodness and wholesomeness, 
a delightfulness of the heart so marvelous… 

My little world is covered in autumnal leaves… 
big brown leaves that come tumbling down ever so slowly, 
little leaves scarlet-russet-yellow that get blown off by the wind towards the sky….

A pumpkin a two a three
A carriage a Cinderella and her prince?

A bewitching tune swirls through the trees… 

I am enchanted by its mysteries.   
And over there at the edge of the garden... 
the entrance to the forbidden woods... 

And the bridge to Terabithia covered in leaves...

There's no use trying... one can't believe impossible things.  Or can we?  The impossible becomes possible if only your mind believes it.  And I believe I'm seeing something magical and sparkly among the leaves on the magical bridge…

Fallen stars?

Snowflakes of stars hanging up from tree branches...

An invitation to enchantment beyond our greatest delight...
 Shall we dare step towards the unknown beyond the bridge?

Oh no no I say we mustn’t.
We mustn’t disturb it, or make any noise
lest we woke the imps and spirits dwellers of this place. 

Of course, nothing is really ‘mysterious’
The mystery is only in our eye.
Still... I would not go there even if you pay me ;) 

Well, maybe if you’d come by and go with me I would.  Even if we decide not to go any further I’m sure we would find magic all around us… Sometimes we can find magic without even looking for it. It really is a matter of noticing it you know… and when we do notice magic... ah, it’s all-encompassing, wonderful, vast, and somehow sacred.  I know you share the same feelings… after all, we’re kindred! ;)

Wish you’d find your own magical moments wherever you are…





  1. Cielo, This post makes me think how just one stray flower or pretty leaf can bring a smile to our hearts. The on set of winter can seem sad . But in just 4months it will be spring again. Blessings young lady, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your woods remind me of mine. Keep an eye out for wisteria in spring. Look for it growing high in the trees and sometimes you only know it's there by finding tiny purple petals on the ground. It's everywhere in the south growing wild. Sadly, it's only there for a moment.
    Barefooted Roses (PC)

    1. How delightful... discovering tiny purple petals on the ground. Truly magical! I shall keep my eyes opened!


  3. -smile- This is what we come here for... To be encouraged to find our own Magical Moments.

    To be assured that someone does this. And thus, we can too.

    All we need is that inspiration from you. And our own willingness to listen, see, believe.

    Thank you!

    Gentle, magical hugs,

  4. how beautiful love the look and it always is so comfortable as well
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  5. Hello Cielo, absolutely charming. I've loved the crispness of the mornings of late - the pink sunrises and the song of the birds. In just a couple days it will officially be Winter. Here in Georgia we don't know what we'll get. I sure do hope for some snow - I hope you get some where you are - it does enchant the woods so. I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday and hope you have a blessed Christmas,


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