Monday, December 8, 2014

My little Armoire Chifferobe

The master bathroom in our little cottage doesn’t have a linen closet and the bathroom vanity it’s a two doors, no drawers.  Which means I only keep there strictly what we need.  But even with just the basic, we do need some storage.  I was using a small white chest that belongs in the guest room, but it was already becoming too small for our needs.

I wanted an antique piece of furniture with enough charm and character that could serve as our linen closet.  But it had to be something cheap.  I know.  Don’t say it ;).  So I went on Craigslist and found something like this here… Really really pretty, only mine it didn’t really look anything like it ;)

$775.00 ouch!

My little chifferobe was practically in shambles, and I knew I was probably making the wrong decision in buying it, but I love the style and vertical mirror door with stacked drawers.  Enough storage for what we needed, and the perfect size too.  We have a small bathroom with a very narrow entrance door.  A bigger piece of furniture was out of the question.  So this was perfect.  Just not that pretty ;)

The lady from whom I bought the little chifferobe was asking $150, but it was in such a deplorable estate. 

So I set the price I was willing to pay and she accepted.  I ended up paying only $80 for it.  I’m excited, but did I really get a good deal?  How does one to value antiques?  Or how can you distinguish a true antique from a reproduction?  And was this worth the price?  I just don't know.

Well, my little chifferobe needed a lot of help.  And guess who came to the rescue?  

My 70 plus year old handyman and dear friend Manuel!

Manuel practically had to tear down the entire thing and re-build it. 

Then I started painting... In my absolute new favorite paint on the planet… 
Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Yesteryear. 
A beautiful soft gray-bluish color

Next up, I painted the inside of the chifferobe/drawers with regular white paint.  I was planning on call it done by then, but I found a really pretty wrapping paper at a thrift store that matched perfectly with my colors and thus, I decided to use it on the drawers as well.  I simply cut the wrapping paper to the drawers measurements and glued it onto the wood using Mod Podge.   I added new knobs and a cute decorative appliqué from Home Depot as well.  And here it is!

 I decorated the inside of the top door with an old calendar...  glued onto it

This piece is far from perfection, but I’m embracing every flaw that can only add character to it.

Inside the door...

Definitely not as perfect as the $775 Farmhouse French Grey Armoire Chifferobe of my inspiration, but I’m so loving it!





  1. Cielo,
    WOW - what a transformation and I think it looks very close to the inspiration piece! Great job!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. I definitely like yours better. Except for the cornice piece and the skirt it looks very similar. What always makes a piece that you update better is the special touch you add yourself. It looks perfect in your pretty bathroom. Just one more bit of love added to your little cottage.

  3. A great deal and so pretty now. Good job girl. xoxo,Susie

  4. That Manuel! Bless his heart. Love pieces of furniture like that. And you really turned it into the perfect piece for your home. I think you got it at a good price too. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Oh now Cielo, that is just stunning. I am absolutely impressed. It looks very much like the $775 dollar piece. You and don Manuel did a wonderful job restoring it!

  6. Beautiful!!! I painted my dinning corner cupboard a shade like this<3

  7. I think it is perfectly beautiful. Great transformation. You are lucky to have Manuel. Love it.

  8. Beautiful job Cielo! Practical yet still so pretty. Your cottage is just so charming. ;)

  9. It's so gorgeous! I love the color and the mirrors on the front is such a nice touch. I'd say it was worth for sure even with all the work that had to be done with it.

  10. Great color! I think you did a fine job.

  11. Its beautiful Cielo, i need that handy man ... With lobe Janice


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