Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Of bad bosses and humongous bouquets

It is going so well at my new job, and I am learning so fast and performing so well, I have started to believe in me again.  Co-workers and bosses make me feel appreciated and valued, and they make this known to me in many ways almost on a daily basis.  And it is such a wonderful, uplifting feeling.  One that had opened my eyes in profound ways and had make me realized how bosses can shape how you spend your days and whether you experience joy or despair, perform well or badly, or are healthy or sick.

In the past I was wronged by some very lousy, grumpy, and nasty boss who damaged me deeply.  When people are emotionally depleted, they stop focusing on their jobs. Bosses who are so unpleasant that, day after day, they sap the energy you need to be inspired and feel good about your own job should be brought to the cauldron, but unfortunately, is usually you the one to go down first. People push you to your limits, but when you finally explode and fight back, you're the one out. Those awful, callous bosses of my 'yesterday' didn't have the sightless idea of my worth, or how valuable I am, or how much I can give of me to others through my actions and work. They didn't care that a job should not only pay your bills, it will also have to make your flame grow. You keep learning and you build up the people around you, who build you up in turn.

So alas... to you, awful bosses of my 'yesterday':  When you look back at how you’ve treated your subordinates, assistants, co-workers, and peers, in their eyes, will you have earned the right to be proud of yourself? Or will they believe that you ought to be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed by how you have trampled on others’ dignity day after day? Oh but you wait! You wait! Whatever you do, will come back to you. Every karma returns, every seed will grow into a plant or tree, every boomerang will come back to the sender. The sun rises every morning, whether we expect it or not. Similarly, our actions will bear fruit whether we expect it or not.

Flowers flowers flowers... I have so many bouquets adorning our little white cottage these days, it is hard to find one more place to put them. Some of them came from my garden, but the great majority came from some very important convention held in relation to my husband's work this past Sunday... as appreciation and congratulations from many many people. We got tons of flowers. I took them all home and set the largest bouquet I'd ever seen in the kitchen/dinning room area, in front of my peacock's painting.

I let the bouquet be for a few days, but, because I'm the oddball that I am, and prefer the simplicity of smaller, humbler things. Like unpretentious little posies from the garden, I then proceeded to dismantle the whole humongous thing as fast as I could, and instead made several smaller bouquets that I like so much better.

My little world is filled with flowers and birds these day... I am lucky... for this afternoon while I was sitting out in the garden, the Cheshire cat decided to pay me a visit...

I saw him walked in front of me with the elegant ease of the great cats, then stood for a moment, looked straight into my eyes, and I heard him said to me:  "The mean king is dead and gone.  Well, at least he's gone... for now.  Long live Alice!  Long live Wonderland!"

A moment later he disappeared into the woods skirting our gardens, and never saw him again.  

Whatever had he meant by that? I had to wonder. I take that "Wonderland" is my garden, therefore, I must be Alice and as for that 'mean king' whoever he might be? Well, he certainly doesn't live in my kingdom any more. He have no say over me, and never will again.

Yeah, long live Wonderland!


  1. Ah karma, what a wonderful thing it is! I've had horrible bosses, and a couple terrific bosses. We deserve those supportive bosses and so glad you finally have one. Your flower photos are gorgeous. Really enjoyed my visit here today. :)

    1. Pam... let's send all those mean bosses to the witches' cauldron! :)


  2. Wonderland indeed! I am so happy you are enjoying your job!


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