Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The autumnal days

Have you notice?  Days are shortening, nights are lengthening... and it happens that we have started having our breakfasts in the purest, loveliest darkness of day—that time just right before dawn.  It is pure magic.  Little lights are now scurrying shadows in the early morning, as outside birds prepare to wake the day up with their autumnal songs.  It is a different song, I should say, than other songs carried by birds on any other season...  

fairy lights; Christmas lights

I am in love, enamored of this time of year, this little white cottage in the woods of ours and all this quieted, lovely country solitude I'm surrounded by...

autumn decorations; autumn decor; cottage style

I can't seem to have enough... enough days to enjoy all the beauty, all the colors and scents and sounds Nature have to offer me throughout my days.  Outside our little white cottage, it is a mingling of seasons, a confusion of sorts of dead leaves and blooming geraniums, and everything beam, and speak to my soul in infinite beautiful, melancholic ways and vision-words, that keep touching my heart, and transforming my soul... my bird-soul.

porch decorating, porch decorating for the fall

lanterns, Christmas lanterns, porch decorations

I wonder if leaves love the grass and wood's floors, to kiss them ever so gently and cover them with such enchantment... they certainly do work some magic in my soul, to give it such wings...

Did you all had a fun Halloween?  I love little children, and as with everything in life, this love is always reciprocated.  For I seem to attract them like bees to flowers... thus, if there is a thing to love about Halloween for me, it has to be those tiny knocks of tiny hands on my door—happy, innocent faces full of trust as they wait excitedly, tucked in funny suits and costumes for me to fill buckets, pails, sacks and containers of all sorts with all sorts of goodness.  This Halloween year, however, things were a bit unexpected, and different.  No little ones came.  Not one. 

Because the previous two years since we've been living here in the South we had happened to be traveling on Halloween, this absence of kids was a totally unexpected thing for me.  As darkness descended upon the land filling every corner and crevasses of our neighborhood with the accustomed sense of loneliness and doom, a most appalling lonesomeness crept onto my heart, and I found my thoughts running back to the house in the roses on those happy frosty Halloween days of yesterdays when little children as well as those not so young came to our door seeking candy and whatever little warmth they could find coming from the cozy insides... and I would run to them with the very same enthusiasm, and said hello and rejoice in the spirit of Halloween and costumes and youthfulness and excitement running through my blood in a joyful contagiousness... moms would asked me whatever was I cooking, because between opening the door and refilling the candy baskets I would be making our dinner; the black beans simmering on the stove, the illuminated cozy home inviting while all the goodness of dinner wafted out the door...

I miss all of that, the cheerfulness, the frosty nosed-kids in funny suits and happy hearts at my door.  I'm learning, however, that things are a bid different here mainly because that's just how it usually is in the country, where houses are spread out in great distances among each other, and with no street lights to illuminate the darkness, things can get pretty spooky, if not dangerous quickly.

When darkness descends upon the land around here, everyone is already tucked inside.  Only shadows would linger, and only the witches of the night would go by your door to either knock on it, or just pass right along it...  I am glad they all passed by our doors and not even one of them decided to knock this time...

How about you... did you see any witches roaming your properties?  Any creepy creature of the night?  Fairy, prince? ;)  

I know...

I only hope my neighbors don't ever get to see me playing 'me silly' in my garden! :)

Have fun within your precious self my friend, be happy, be inventive,

Be you!


  1. I'd sure trade my city sounds for your country sounds! The leaves here are falling some, but aren't even a pretty color yet.

  2. If you have not had your lights on, for 2 past Halloweens, I imagine that children and parents do not try to come, on the third.

    Just habit.

    Perhaps next year...

    If you are home...

    Gentle November hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Oh no, my front porch lantern (the one on the pic above) remains shining 24 hours all day every day.... on the other side of the cottage the overhead 3 bulb light is always left on whenever we're not in... I think it's just how it is with this neighborhood... you see, we have a gnome, two or three witches (I'm sure our neighbor across the street is one of them hehe), and most probably a few sex offenders too... too dark too creepy.


  3. You write so beautifully and I adore your photos. Every time I visit I feel whisked away. You do inspire!
    Perhaps next year the children will come for you to enjoy their visits. We don't traditionally celebrate Halloween where I live, but I do notice it is very slowly catching on - although I think the children have no idea what it is really about.


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